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A timeline journey through history and
the birth of the United States...
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and the Evolution of the United States

*Concord Learning Systems' epochal journey*

From the Ice Age to the Computer Age... (Special 9.11)

An incredible experience with the men and women of history.

MOVERS - SHAKERS - EVENTS, that shaped the world.

From Mesopotamia to North America: From Julius Caesar to Alexander the Great. Attila the Hun, to Genghis Khan. And the Mongols, the Incas, the Aztecs, the British, the French, the Spaniards, the Germans, the Dutch, the Africans. And of course the Americans... the Iroquois, the Pueblo, the Cherokee, the Choctaws, Osceola, Sitting Bull, the Prophet, Tecumseh, Pocahontas, and Squanto And the Huguenots, the Puritans, the kings, and the queens. Even old Tippecanoe... and Tyler too. And many others.

Read first-hand descriptions by Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Cabeza de Vaca, George Washington, Abigail Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Boone, Paul Revere, and many others who describe history in the making. Read about Eric the Red and how his son Leif may have been first. How Joan of Arc cross-dressed to save a kingdom. Review the great wars, the plagues, fights for freedom... for power. And the struggle for America.

Read how the Founding Fathers developed a political doctrine from the Greeks and Romans. From the Constitution of Clarendon... and the Iroquois Confederation. From Magna Carta and the Petition of Right. From the English Bill of Rights... to the Declaration of Independence.

Learn the fates: The Founding Fathers. The Lost Colonies (yes, there WERE two) Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. And Napoleon: in Egypt... in Russia... at Waterloo... from Elba, to final exile on St. Helena. Follow the beheading of Charles I. Was the Boston Massacre really a massacre? And, Sir Walter Raleigh signaling for his own execution! The "first" Pilgrims greeted by an Indian... speaking English!

Concord Learning Systems' collection of historical materials of more than 2000 pages of pure history provides a perspective of events leading to the formation of the United States and a new way of life.

The collection is presented along a timeline depicting events from the Wisconsin Ice Age to the present, with exciting side journeys into wars, power struggles, failures and successes. Readers may browse biographies and papers of historical figures or zero in on specific events by taking advantage of The History Professor's concentrated groupings: wars, Presidents, First Ladies, states, Constitution, Founding Fathers, Federalist Papers, and much more.

People who like people will love Ben Franklin. Enjoy "Poor Richard." Follow Ben's trek to Philadelphia His grilling in Parliament Or his admonition to Thomas Paine to "burn it." And more.

How many times does the phrase "double jeopardy" appear in the Constitution? In the Amendments? What does the Constitution say about "impeachment?" About education? About Habeas Corpus? The duties of the President? Of Congress? Explore the Constitution with links to the appropriate Amendments and relevant Federalist Papers. Its all just "clicks" away.

There's also stuff for people who just like to know stuff: Who was the tallest President? The shortest? What religion? Which were Masons? Which served in the military? What was their rank? Which served in war? Who was wounded? What were their civilian occupations? Read biographies, "Notable Notes," and learn: Which married in foreign countries? Who eloped while President? Which ex-First Lady was an enemy spy? Who had the most children? The most siblings? Who had affairs? Who killed a man in a duel? Which was a hangman? Who was the only President who served as Speaker of the House? The only former President to be elected to the House? -- and more.

Follow the exciting life of Alexander Hamilton... from humble beginnings... to the pinnacle of power, to the depths of despair, and ... THE Duel. There's Aaron Burr -- the Vice President who wanted his own country. And, a Signer of the Constitution who was expelled from the Senate. . . . All, stranger than fiction.

Egyptian Pyramids

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